Couples Therapy

What is couples therapy?

Good relationships are essential to our wellbeing but they can be difficult to navigate! It is normal for all relationships to have times of ups and downs but sometimes the difficulties become more entrenched and we can get stuck in unhelpful patterns of behaviour. Talking it through can sometimes be difficult and emotionally charged and it can be helpful to have a trained, impartial therapist to help you communicate and understand each other better. I am passionate about the benefits of couples therapy in helping to break the vicious circle of hurt; it is not about blame but about helping you to understand each other better and find a more helpful way of communicating and relating.

I am trained in a development model of relationships and have a psychological awareness of the different stages of relationships and where couples and families can get stuck. I offer a safe, supportive and appropriately challenging environment to explore your relational difficulties and the hidden dynamics in your relationships. Helping all parties to understand their unconscious and subconscious behaviours and how these can influence all their relationships can help facilitate understanding of yourself and others, break unhelpful patterns of relating and lead to permanent change.

Who is couples therapy for?

Who is couples therapy for?

Couples therapy is for any couple at any stage of their relationship who are experiencing difficulties or simply want to improve their communication and understanding of each other. Couples counselling can be helpful for any kind of relationship: married, living together, long-term partners or companions, separated or divorced. I have extensive experience helping couples work through issues related to affairs and betrayal; separation and divorce; parenting issues; step-family life; problems with communication and wanting more from the relationship; bereavement, life changes and crises; work, redundancy and retirement; the effects of trauma.

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How much does it cost?

Couples sessions are £100 for 60 minutes. Payment is by cash on the day or by BACS transfer before the session.

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Payment is by cash on the day or by BACS transfer before the session.

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What is the next step?

If you would like to discuss couples therapy further, or would like to arrange an initial session with no further obligation, then please ring me or email me. If I am working I will call you back as soon as possible.

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I offer an initial consultation, with no further obligation, to help you decide whether you think counselling with me will be helpful.

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